Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Unexperimental Shooter : Metro Shooter

J'ai décider de participer à Experimental Project, j'ai fait un petit shooter qui a pour thème majeur le métronome, j'ai voulu explorer l'état de détente et de concentration qu'on doit avoir afin de bien suivre un métronome à un certain rythme. Alors dans Metro Shooter, il faut suivre le rythm donné, plus on tire dans le rythme plus notre vaisseau est puissant, si on est plus dans le rythme notre vaisseau se détériore. Afin de réussir le jeu il faut amasser 1000 points.

I decided to participe to Experimental Project, I did a little shooter using a metronome as the main theme, at first I wanted to explore the state of flow needed to follow the right rhythm. So in Metro Shooter, the player have to follow the rhythm in other to get upgrades on the ship, otherwise the ship will break up. However, the game is over when he reached 1000 points.

Download here : Metro Shooter

Vous devriez avoir besoin du framework 3.0 de Microsoft.

It needs Microsoft Framework 3.0.

Thank you Pierre for the help testing.


  1. Wow, you wouldn't think that combining a rhythm mechanic to a shooter would have such an interesting result. I'm glad someone did it because it really is something different. I thought the frontend was great and the main game was engaging (indeed I could not stop until I finally beat it on my 5th try). For some reason I could not win unless I only fired on every other beat. Part of me wondered if the rhythm was causing interference with the natural rhythm of a shooter which comes from the speed and motion of the player, the bullets, and the enemies. I'm glad you didn't have the enemies firing anything at you, it would have been even harder.

  2. I am really glad that you like the game, and thank you so much for the comment. I have been thinking about a way to solve the "inteference" problem. I was thinking to make the metronome louder and using a controller that could shake to the rythm of the metronome, I think it would only deminush the interference.

    I think you would like to try the first title of Soft Hope: Phono Alliance. Its a plateform music-based game, it has amazing graphics art and gameplay. I will post a video of the game this week probably by friday. Thank again!