Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Failure : Experimental Gameplay

Well, this month is been a lot more busy than I thought it would be. First I just started my master, I am working on an other game for the Xbox (Indie Games) and I just joined the university's badminton team too.

This month theme was really hard for me, I just could not find any good idea. As French my first language, failure sounds really alike "Faille", well actually just the beginning match. I came up with a concept of a game, where the player, by rotating some rectangles pieces, have to make them pass the sort of a "Faille" in English breach. After a couple of research about the word failure, I discover that you could said that a breach is like a failure, some discussion could be done here.

I think the game is just a little prototype for some base mechanics. I was thinking that some special blocks would add a lot to the game, like red that makes the breach bigger, yellow would slow down the blocks, blue would give more points, etc. It took me three days to make the game.

Controls : Rotate with left or right keys or A n D.
Make the form going faster with Space.

Game Idea : J Tremblay
Music by : MMANNYY

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A look back on Strip The Forest Bare

I learned a lot from reading comments, playing and making Strip the Forest Bare. Here some of my observations.

What went Good :

  • The game is working great, there is no apparent bug (As one of my first games that is something that matters).
  • The drawing is cute.
  • The online Highscore is working good too (It was my first time programming online connection).
  • I had good comments about the poem at the end.
  • In general the game is OK.

What went Wrong :

  • The game is not fun enough. The challenge increase but not the fun. If I was Valve I would had cancel my project and start it all over again. Since I am not and I was doing the one week challenge, well I just could not do it all again.
  • The controls are a little off, it took a little bit of adaptation to understand how to cut the trees perfectly.
  • There is nothing special about it, so why the player would play the game. The game is just a little dull, the player is always doing the same thing, the game doesn't reinvent itself after a while, so I think that is where the game starts to be dull.
In general I am trying to learn from my mistakes, by imposing myself to keep everything as minimum as possible, I made the mistake to not listen to the game itself, but only to my base idea. I think that were all the problems came from.

Here my super algorithm about games: