Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A look back on Strip The Forest Bare

I learned a lot from reading comments, playing and making Strip the Forest Bare. Here some of my observations.

What went Good :

  • The game is working great, there is no apparent bug (As one of my first games that is something that matters).
  • The drawing is cute.
  • The online Highscore is working good too (It was my first time programming online connection).
  • I had good comments about the poem at the end.
  • In general the game is OK.

What went Wrong :

  • The game is not fun enough. The challenge increase but not the fun. If I was Valve I would had cancel my project and start it all over again. Since I am not and I was doing the one week challenge, well I just could not do it all again.
  • The controls are a little off, it took a little bit of adaptation to understand how to cut the trees perfectly.
  • There is nothing special about it, so why the player would play the game. The game is just a little dull, the player is always doing the same thing, the game doesn't reinvent itself after a while, so I think that is where the game starts to be dull.
In general I am trying to learn from my mistakes, by imposing myself to keep everything as minimum as possible, I made the mistake to not listen to the game itself, but only to my base idea. I think that were all the problems came from.

Here my super algorithm about games:

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