Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No game for this month


This month is been really crazy, me and my girlfriend spent 2 weeks in England, it was awesome. England is so much cooler (and more fun) than I thought it would be. We went up to the Giant's causeway, it was amazing, the roman baths are so cool, the national gallery is so amazing, there is so much you can do.

Meanwhile, I learned that I earned a bunch of money from school, why? Hum good is a scholarship. So I decided to spend a little bit of that money on a nice reflex camera, Nikon D40x.

It made me think about artistic expression. Games, for me, are a way to express myself in an artistic way. Art could be seen as a way to express yourself, express your ideas, express your feelings, express who you are, etc. Expression is the key word here. In my last video game DeForest, I expressed the feeling I had when I saw forest vanished in order to build human constructions. I think by playing the game, you get a good idea of that feeling. Expressing something is part of what makes me want to continue in the video game industry. In a lot of my games I tried to express something.

So in the last year, I expressed myself using video games as a medium. Lately, I rediscovered self expression with an other medium, photography. Photography is a powerful medium, you can express a lot of ideas in images that you cannot express in other media. As they say, picture is worth a thousand words. So how do I make my pictures express thousands of words? What should I express, how should I express myself? So far, I am still using my camera to make "pretty" pictures, so I guess I am trying to express beauty... I am thinking about making a photo album about movement with inanimate objects.

Here is an example to express my point. The shadow and the contrast int this picture help to visualize a sort of movement from the left to the right. The curve on the stone makes our eyes roll over the picture. There is one guy standing out a little more than the others, it 's like he is going to pass them. You have the impression that you are looking at a sort of carousel.

If you would like to see some of my work you can check out my Picasa Web Album. I added a widget on the side too.

All I have been able to think about this month was photography, but I had an idea for this month's experimental gameplay project. The theme was 10 seconds, I had in mind a kid's game, you know those games where you have to put the form in their place. Like the picture on the top of this post. So it is pretty easy to do, you just click on the form and move it to the right place. So you have 10 seconds to replace the objects into their places. The challenge arises when, clouds, earthquakes, tremors (mouse shaking) and more get into the game. And we think playing baby games is to0 easy, maybe that how it is for them? What is the life of a baby really like?

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