Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Number to Number Combat on Math Nook

Hello Everyone,

Great new Number to Number Combat just joined Math Nook.

Math Nook is a website full of Math Games, I hope the game will do great there. Teachers use the website as a teaching tool.

You can play Number to Number Combat here.

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  1. Hi John, Max here.

    I just played Number to Number Combat.

    - Simple to learn/intuitive gameplay. As you jump in you already know what to do.
    - Minimalist. There's is no more than what's needed, making the UI clear.

    - Lifebars should be more evident to look at (near the math problem area), except if they were meant to be some kind of distraction. Since we must stare at the oncomming problems it's difficult to keep track of our health without losing precious time (maybe it's easier with a numpad, but I haven't any).
    - Reset button not enough obvious... That's not realy a problem though, but maybe you could add a small "(replay)" right under the actual replay button. The first time I played, I tought I had to refresh to play again. Maybe it's just me :P

    Overall, nice math game, especially for children learning math!