Thursday, January 28, 2010

Live from Paris

Hello everyone,

It's been a crazy month, I just moved to Paris for the semester. I spend a lot more time in finding a place to live than I originally planned (took us 1 week and half). After that I had to start school. So I was not able to make a game for this month theme on experimental gameplay project.

I had a good idea and I will probably do it next month. It is my goal. I was thinking about a sort of mix of simcity meet a beautiful forest. The background is from my week in Toronto, I was in richmond hill. I was talking with my girlfriend's mum, she was saying how everything here and there used to be beautiful forest and now its full of townhouses. I am not use to that, where I am from the development is so little, that the forest is still everywhere. I was concern about the lost of the forest, well i like the forest. So I though that would be a good idea for a game, you start with 100 squares of forest, the goal is to fill up all the forests' square with human constructions. For now I will go play with blender/python a little.

PS life in Paris is crazy as hell, super cold and super crownded.
PSS I am from Canada, but cold is so different here.

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