Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Be the first one to dominate the nature of this world. Be the mankind's best architect.

DeForest is a sim city like, where you are the new Architect of the town. You have to fill up the whole map with man's constructions in less years as possible. Its pretty simple you left click to choose a construction, right click to cancel. At first, the game is pretty slow, make sure you have enough money to put 2 houses and 1 industry. Otherwise you will go in the red, when you are there, there is no coming back.

Here the constructions : House (H), Industry (I), Mall (M), Hospital (O), Mine (N), Fuel Pump (P), Tractor Industry (T) and Farm (F). Reset (R)

I made this game in a couple of days, like 5 days. It is my first game using GameMaker v 8.0. It was a real treat to use. At first I got really confused with the drag drop, but when I found I could use code inside the drag and drop, everything started to be easier. Well I recommend GameMaker to everyone that would like to make a game and have it pretty easy. I really like that I spend as much time designing as coding the game. Usually I spend a lot more time coding then designing the game.

This game is not met to be hard, but to be joyful while you are dominating the environment and putting your houses/industries down. The mechanics of the game are based on expending the human world over the fragile nature. The game represents the euphoria that human have when they start to be in control of a situation and have a lot of gain. In other words, at first the game is slow, you have to wait to earn money, but you stay patient. When you have enough industries, the flow of the game accelerates to a paste where it is hard for you to keep up with the constructions compare to the income. Then you get really into the power you have over the environment, you are in control...

For the music, I had a super idea for a song with a guitar, but I do not have any guitar with me in Paris. So I choose this song : Son House - How to Treat a Man. The effect is lovely; the music has a super effect while you are playing. The music express a sort of melancholic pain, like you really want something, but it is really hard to reach it. That is how the song speaks to me. Then I needed a vision for the graphics, I wanted something as primitive as the song is. While I was at Orsay's museum in Paris, I had the opportunity to see a couple of painting from Van Gogh, I really enjoy how his paintings are simple and complex at the same time. It's like a 10 year old's painting but not at the same time, I do not know there is something so special about his work. So I wanted something like that for my game, I think I achieved the part where it's like a 10 year old's graphics, I am still looking for complexity... Well that how I created my game, I hope you enjoy it.

J Tremblay

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